"Mrs. Hayes! Mrs. Hayes!"
"Morgan, look! It's Mrs. Hayes!"
"Hi Mrs. Hayes!"

This, in a nutshell, is why I enjoyed working with Junior Achievement last winter.

Whether you are at the grocery store, or Wolf Creek or walking down the street in Creede, hearing those words makes it all worth it. It means that you have touched the life of a child in a way that was so positive that they actually remember you and (amazingly) your name, outside of their classroom.

When they all hug you tightly- at the same time- at the end of teaching every day, and then ask if you will please come back next year at the end of your 7 days of Junior Achievement, you have made a difference. This is an opportunity that is beneficial not only for the children, but for you as well. It reminds you of what is REALLY IMPORTANT, not the paper jam in the printer.

Schools today don't have the resources, or the communities, that we have had in the past. That is where Junior Achievement steps in. Junior Achievement has created a curriculum that utilizes volunteers to teach kids about the world outside of the classroom. The curriculum is so well planned and researched, that all you have to do is read through your teacher's guide the night before. They give you all of the materials you need. It is easy and fun; I still have a drawing from a student on the refrigerator.

It is wonderful to see GSFCF and the Del Norte Schools working together to bring Junior Achievement to our community. I applaud their efforts and would encourage you to get involved in the coming year.
Kazie Hayes
South Fork

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